How It's Made


Timber is very important material used for various activities such as production of lumber and furniture.

The total annual logging capacity of ERA LTD and ERA BEST LTD is approxiametly 20,000 cbm. We use high quality of raw material for our furniture production. We process different wood species - mainly white oak and beech but also ash, cherry and walnut. Our logging areas are in short distance to our factory which allows us to have lower transport costs, while guarantee for our high quality work is:

  • strict control of raw material supply, i. wood in right quality;
  • analysis of production and costs;
  • control over all stages of activities up to and in production;
  • using of new and modern machinery by a team with high performance skills and experience;


Primary processing is sawing the logs into lumber. We have a annual capacity of processing 3000-3500 cbm round logs. This activity is extremely important in production of any lumber and solid wood furniture. For this purpose, we use/apply:

  • modern technologies and minimum loss in raw material;
  • professional team with experience;
  • using of raw material which is selected and sorted in advance according to the order to be used in;


Our main priorities are high quality, fast delivery, competitive prices and warranty for each product. High quality product is achieved by:

  • air drying of the lumber for period of 3-12months depending on the thickness and wood species;
  • drying in conventional kiln dry room;
  • selection of right pieces of lumber for certain product, so the natural appearance and characteristics of wood are not lost;
  • disstressing of the wood so we can prevent any bending and movement of the wood;

By combining high quality raw material, modern technologies and perfect design, we manufacture furniture with character and a story that begins with us and continues with you. 

Our team is always available to help our customers to make the right choices and decisions.


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